MAGNOLIA (after M. J. Heade)


  Original by M. J. Heade   My replica  


First of all I paint the canvas with a black acrylic color. This dry quickly so I can continue to paint my painting on the same day.


The motive to be painted, I enlarge the size of the scream (in my case 70 x 50 cm). Because the subject is distributed in eight parts of A4 paper, I baste together the individual sheets with the help of transparent tape. The canvas I put on the table and on the screen, the carbon paper. Maybe someone thinks of you that you're not trailing the black lines on the screen can see. Although not much, but you can see well enough to then follow suit with a white colored pencil can. White contours, one then sees no problem. Now I can start already applied oil paint.

First I paint green leaves and stems (see below) using the following colors:

 Leaf green

 Lemon yellow

 Cadmium red



Thus I make a border in which I continue to paint and then the shade of white petals. For this I use:



 Leaf green 

First I paint are the white petals (see points 1, 2 and 3):

The order of the pages I choose to be painted according to their ease so that the painting the next leaves the already painted not affected. After a couple days I paint on white sheets, lots still a white layer to get more pure white:

Before I pass over the next white flower, which in this case, the bud, I paint green leaves and stems, which are located between the left bloom, the bud, and the large white flower. Then I can begin to paint the bud. If the white on the petals of the last meeting are already dry, I paint it yet with a white layer.

Before I start with the big white flowers, I paint first green leaves, which are located at its bottom:

Now I can start to .... I do not by painting damaging the already finished parts. First, I chose the white sheets on the bottom of the flower. Then again, I still wear a white coat on the white sheets from the last meeting, which now are already dry. The whole thus gains of clear white flower.

At the next session, I set out on the painting of other white papers (see below, the numbering sequence 1 - 4). Even then, I carry on from the last meeting of the already dry white games to even a white layer:

Now, leaving only the stem left in the middle of the flower and a white sheet. After a couple days I paint the white sheet again to white:

If you proceed faster with the times and the white sheets now still are not dry, then take on the extra white layer only a few days after the last session. After all the magnolias are finished, I still paint the background. Since my background is on only acrylic paint, I paint over it first with black oil paint. If it is dry, I make the top of the light that emerges from the left corner and goes up to half of the right-hand side. For that I use red, white and blue. The colors I carry on with a piece of sponge. In the lower part of the picture, I use only red, the illusion of a material to create a scarf.

Note: There where I apply a clear red, it seems, would stand out as the substance and thus be more illuminated. And where the paint is applied sparingly to the disappearance, the substance seems to be rather in the shade until it is hidden in the dark.

.Now I wish you much success in painting. If you have a problem here or do you not clear from my description, please contact me. I can help you further.


Palette: As a palette you can use the "tetra pak" milk carton, and the color mix on the silver side.


© Vladimira Knüsel